Hi, I'm Steinar

I create highly scalable and modern web and mobile experiences for the next generation of consumer-facing companies. I love to play with bleeding edge technology and I live to tinker and learn. My tech stack is always evolving.

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What I do

I've gathered a broad set of skills during a decade of software development with a diverse group of companies. Each company had different values and approaches and I've learned to adapt and learn new skills to fit each environment. I can build reliable, scalable and maintainable software quickly.


I started playing with web technologies a decade ago. I have experience with PHP, .NET, React, NodeJS, TypeScript to name a few tools.


I've used React Native while building an MVP for a startup. I've recently started developing with Flutter and I love the speed and quality of the developer experience.


In 2010 I managed cPanel hosting for a small internet company. Since then I've used everything from Heroku, AWS, Serverless, GitLab and Azure. I know how to maintain CI/CD pipelines and build scalable APIs.

Who am I?


Steinar Bragi Sigurðarson
Computer Scientist

I've always been fascinated by computers and technology. I remember playing with DOS at the age of 4 and tearing computers and electronics apart a few years later. I am driven by curiosity and a need to solve difficult problems. I got my BSc in CS from Reykjavík University in 2014 where I dipped my toes into various fields within computer science with a focus on web development and software engineering. Since then I've worked on a wide variety of projects. For the past couple of years I've been researching Machine Learning in the Netherlands.

Work with me

Would you like to collaborate with me? Drop me a line with a summary of your project, product or agency. I'll respond asap and we can arrange a meeting!