Hi! I'm Steinar. I'm a web developer from Iceland. For the past 3 years I've been working on building a community around a web browser, named after a famous composer. I'm looking for new adventures now.

Today, I felt that I needed a home on the web, a place for my thoughts, experiments and ideas. First, i needed a domain. Steinar.com was for sale but it would have cost me an arm and a leg so I settled with this one, steinar.io for quite a bit less.

I wanted a blog platform. I've used Wordpress a little bit professionally and for personal projects before, but this time I wanted something different. Ghost piqued my interest a while back, for a project at work. It sadly ended up not fitting our crazy criteria so we decided to go with another solution.

Now I'm delighted to give Ghost another chance, for my own personal blog. I'm a big fan of its simplicity and elegance.

For hosting, I'm using a DigitalOcean Ubuntu droplet. I like it so far. It seems reasonably priced and their documentation and UX is great. It seems like a good solution for someone like me who likes messing a little bit with linux servers and experimenting.

I've got a new email address as well, s@steinar.io. I hope this is the beginning of something, although I'm not quite sure what yet.